Marvin Branagh was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. Marvin rallied a small group of the collected survivors present to continue fending off the undead with fellow surviving officers. The police station was attacked by a zombies riot it and quickly became a death trap. Marvin was fatally bitten by a zombie. Knowing he was unable to help anyone anymore and knowing that he'd be a danger to anyone alive around him, Marvin decided to remain behind, locking himself in an office.

Shortly after this he fell unconscious he was later discovered by Jill Valentine when she fled into the police station to escape from the Nemesis. Jill did not attempt to wake him.

Marvin remained in the office and then Claire Redfield arrives. Marvin had awoken and had since become the only surviving officer in the building. Marvin informed Claire that her brother, Chris, was invovled in the viral incident in the mansion, and that contact with him was lost 10 days ago.  Marvin concluded by requesting Claire to find other survivors. Desperately, Marvin rose his gun to ordering her to leave.  Claire complied, and she promises to return. Once the passed through the door to the office, Marvin locked the door behind her knowing he would soon transform to a zombie.

Later, Claire found a back way back into the office.  Inside the office, Marvin transformes into a zombie right before Claire and attempts to attack her.


Trivia Facts:

Marvin was originally going to be a major supporting character in Resident Evil 2 in the Resident Evil 1.5 prototype.

In The Darkside Chronicles, Marvin cannot be dispatched by a headshot, unlike Forest, who came back to life as a zombie and could be taken down by a single head shot in The Umbrella Chronicles.

In The Darkside Chronciles, Marvin makes notice that he was to be Leon's boss if it weren't for the outbreak of Raccoon City.


                                 Resident Evil 2                                                       Resident Evil 2 (Zombie)

                   Resident EvilOutbreak File #2                                  Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

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