Spectre's real name is Vladimir Bodrovski and works for the paramilitary of Umbrella's USS as a sharpshooter expert.  He has specs that can be used for looking through walls and termal imaging.

Spectre was once with the security services for the old Soviet Union.  His role with the USS is with intel technitian and given that his lack of physical and social characteristics helped him be more invisible in any situation.

His work ethics brought him to a seedier part of life.  For his own selfishness, he exploited his underworld gain.  This blackmail brought him into conflict with the authorties.  With that, he had to leave Russia with investigators.

His survillence skills have reguarly ensured that Umbrella stay informed with the Delta Team keep the upper hand in a combat situation.

He was sent to Raccoon City to whipe up all evidence linking Umbrella to the viral outbreak and kill anyone who could snitch on Umbrella.


Trivia Facts:

Spectre is a reference to the video games SOCOM 1, 2, 3 and Combined Assault.

He shares his nationalty with Sergei Vladimir, Nichlolai Ginovef, and Mikhail Victor.

The gas mask great resembles the same gas mask worn by the UT Commander from Resident Evil Survivor.  And his gas mask also resembles GI Joe's Jungle Viper.

When Spectre speaks, the subtitles show that he speaks slowly.  This indicates that English isn't his first language.

When he is controled as an AI, his primary weapon of choice is the Malitia Rifle, which is an AK-103.  That gun is his of choice proabably because of his Russian background.


              Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

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